Qualifications: BTF Level 2 Triathlon / Level 3 PT / Level 4 Bikeability

Michael has been involved in sport all his life, starting in team sports at school before moving to endurance sport where he then discovered his passion for coaching and helping others, running being his speciality. Several years of coaching triathlon both home and abroad have given Michael a wealth of experience that led to the decision, along with his fellow coaches, to create t club – a place where they can combine all they have learned to deliver the best training environment for athletes and coaches alike. Put simply, t club is the best place to learn and grow as an athlete, whilst enjoying every moment.

Hailing from Bolton made triathlon, Ironman in particular, a big part of Michael’s sporting life, taking part in UK Ironman in 2015. He then coached with his local club, helping complete beginners finish the event all within 12 months of taking up the sport, something they and he found hugely rewarding. Helping more experienced athletes qualify and compete at international age group level also provides proud moments for Michael each year.

The importance of youngsters becoming involved in sport is something Michael is passionate about, delivering beginner cycling training across Hertfordshire, working with able bodied children and also alongside Herts Disability Sports Foundation giving independence to those who may need it.

However you choose to work with t club, whether it be personal coaching, on a clinic, or spending time with us in Mallorca, Michael is sure to be there and would love to help you in any way he can.