Sleep.. do you take it seriously?

Poor quality/not enough sleep affects all manner of things from blood sugar levels to cortisol (stress response hormone) production to reducing your ability to respond and adapt to the training that you have put effort into that day.

Goal Setting

you already know the physical and mental health benefits that training provides, that’s a good reason to continue, but that’s not why you’re here. You’re in this for something else, performing at your best in races,

Mallorca Rides & Hill Training

Greetings t clubbers. We thought as the sun was shining so much that even the fair weather cyclists and turbo-phobes like Michael would be getting out on their bikes, so lets talk about how to get the most from your outdoor training, as well as letting you know which are...

Getting strong over winter

As the clocks go back and the weather seems to be heading to winter, you might start thinking more about indoor-based sessions in a nice warm gym!

Feel the water

Have you ever been told to do sculling drill in your swim sessions but don’t know why? Do you do the drill while wondering how waving your hands back and forth in front of your head, while trying not to sink and remembering to breathe will make you a better...

Band only swimming… love it, or (probably) hate it?

I’ve been doing a lot of strength work in my swimming of late. I can’t do speed – well, I try to but babybump drag means there isn’t much speed there now! However my main reason is that I try not to elevate my heart rate for too long so...

Low carb high fat, or high carb low fat? Which is best? Is either best??

Everyone knows someone doing a keto/primal/high fat low carb diet, but is it the best way to lose weight or fuel your next race (in particular endurance events)? You might be looking at this from a fat loss, health, or performance perspective, but it largely all boils down to the...