Mallorca Rides & Hill Training

Greetings t clubbers. We thought as the sun was shining so much that even the fair weather cyclists and turbo-phobes like Michael would be getting out on their bikes, so lets talk about how to get the most from your outdoor training, as well as letting you know which are our favourite rides on the island of Mallorca.

Stunning views, manageable climbs and the odd goat or two…

Fun in the sun

Close your eyes and take a trip with us to the silky smooth tarmac, quiet traffic-free lanes and picturesque coffee stops. We love Mallorca and here are some of our coaches’ favourite climbs or sections of the island to ride.

Jacqui – The Lighthouse Ride – The road itself is the Cap de Formentor, with a profile like an ‘M’ there is plenty of climbing in this out and back route, with the turnaround point being the lighthouse. Stunning views, manageable climbs and the odd goat or two, best to ride this early to avoid the tourist traffic, which there has been an attempt to reduce with the restriction of some motor vehicles.

Mark P – The Soller Viewpoint – You have to negotiate a series of climbs to reach the famous tunnel which then opens up to a viewpoint, and what a view it is down to the valley below. You think you’ve climbed to the highest point but look to your right and you’ll still see the tips of the mountains, if you’re out early in the season there may still be some snow on top.

Michael – Climb to the Garage (Coll de sa Batalla side) – The climb had everything, hairpins, rolling sections, beautiful surroundings. You can even smell the barbeques of the locals on a Sunday as you ride up, make sure you’ve had your breakfast before you tackle this one.

Kat – Coast Road (Andratx to Pollenca) – Most cyclists stay in the North of the island as it has access to the majority of the best riding. If you’re feeling more adventurous however, either a very long day in the saddle or a trip in a bike shuttle to the town of Andratx in the South and riding home along the coast road is one of, if not the best, ride on the island, simply stunning.

Dawn – MA10 Climb – Catchy! It’s a climb within a climb really, the Coll de Femenia is around 2/3 of the way up the whole climb which passes the monastery at Lluc, our café of choice for this ride. If you’ve ever competed in the Mallorca 70.3 then this is the way you climb up after the swim and trip along the coast road from Alcudia.

The Sa Calobra ‘donut’

Mark R – Sa Calobra (Down) – It’s not all about climbing you know! The views on the way down the 10k to the small port are breathtaking. It’s one road in and out however, so don’t forget your uphill legs for the return journey.

Training tips at home

All these rides are great, but how can we use what we have on our doorstep here in the UK? If you have some hills near you then great! Let’s use them.

Example session – Find your hill of choice, the longer the better really as you can always cut it short if needed to suit your session. Perform a hard rep up the hill and record your time. Now choose your reps.

Rep time (mins)Number of reps
<310 at max effort

Do these in your VO2 range of effort, that is above threshold (your 100%), so anywhere between 105-115% of your threshold heart rate or power.

If you’re lucky enough to live near some longer climbs then knock the intensity back to your 100% and perform between 2 and 4 reps depending on race distance goals.

We hope this gives you some inspiration and motivation and, as always, the t club coaching team is here to help with any questions you might have.

Happy cycling, t club coaches 😊

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